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Lorry Rebuilder

30 years of importing and rebuilding lorries with custom-built bodies. Our services include chassis reinforcement, wheelbase extension, and body building. The continual engineering development works had made us a leading truck rebuilder in Malaysia today.

After Sales Service

Our full range of after-sales services includes basic maintenance, repairs, and professional ECU diagnostic works. We are committed to providing exceptional service to all our clients.

Parts Replacement

Comprehensive range of 10,000+ high-quality lorry parts and accessories, including new and used imported options, with guaranteed quality and service offerings

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about us

A company involved in Lorry manufacturing.

We believe in a hands-on approach to production. We are deeply involved in every step of the process, from selecting the finest materials to performing rigorous quality control checks. We take pride in our work and are committed to delivering only the best to our customers.

Our goal is simple - to provide the highest quality lorries on the market. We strive to set the industry standard for durability, reliability, and safety. With every truck we produce, we aim to exceed our customers' expectations and build long-lasting relationships.

We believe that by focusing on heavy-duty welding and top-notch materials, we can deliver the best lorries to our customers and help them confidently tackle even the toughest jobs. We are dedicated to making a lasting impact and becoming the go-to brand for heavy duty trucks.


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It usually takes approximately 1-3 months to deliver to our customers

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We provide full after sales service such as diagnosting the ECU, repairing and servicing.

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